Alex Sangster

As a Narrative psychotherapist, Alex works collaboratively with clients to enable them to become authors of their own multi-storied lives and co-creators of the stories which they want to hold as life-giving, empowering and true.

Alex’s work is informed by a diverse range of theories and passions, including somatic connection, narrative therapy, family systems, spiritual direction and embodied practices of improvisation and the creative arts.

Alex has spent 20 years working in the space of death and dying and grief work and encourages her clients to ‘live their lives in ever widening circles’ of connection, courage and grace.

Alex has been an ordained Minister with the Uniting Church for 20 years, is currently the Co Artistic Director of Melbourne Playback Theatre and spends her time hanging out at the Drop In at the St Kilda Engagement Hub with some of our communities most vulnerable members.

She is interested in working with people moving through grief and large events in their life as well as supporting others on their journey of opening to connection and relationship with the world around them.


16/12/2021 VIC Australia

16/12/2021 VIC Australia